Is Your Bathroom Out of Control? Give These Simple, Affordable Organizational Tips a Try

A clean and organized bathroom is one way to ensure an efficient and happy start – or end – to your day. As one of the most frequently used and shared spaces in your apartment home, your bathroom can quickly go from neat to in need of some serious TLC after a single-use. With often underutilized walls, overpopulated drawers, and a number of cleaning products to keep the area in tip-top shape, finding a home for everything can feel overwhelming, to say the least. In this blog, we aim to explore a few creative ways to make the most of your beloved bathroom.

Towel Ladder

Keep the bathroom tidy by hanging towels from the rungs of an apple-picking ladder – you know, the one with the rustic feel. To prevent the ladder from slipping, attach rubber tips made for chair legs to the ladder's feet. You can also secure the top of the ladder to the wall with hooks and eyes for added stability. Not only does this amp up your storage game, but also the aesthetic is on point.

Drawer Dividers

Gone are the days of scattered beauty products! Find your bathroom necessities a home once and for all with drawer dividers. Wooden boxes and trays add a chic element to your space while helping to categorize items by type, size, and preferability. Better yet, drawer dividers are typically available in various sizes and materials, so you can find the perfect one to match your decorating style and needs.

Uniform Plastic Dividers

Uniform plastic bottles add more charm to your space than the usual labeled, store-bought bottle of shampoo, and of course, they create a cleaner look when you’re attempting to organize all of your beauty products cohesively. It is usually helpful to identify bottles, however, with laminated labels, adding the names of the product, listing each container's contents, or writing down the name of the owner on each.

Handy Hair Dryer

By utilizing vertical space, you make the most of your bathroom’s real estate. Easily mounted beside the sink and already plugged in, a streamlined hair-dryer unit wall mount adds some ease to your morning routine, while conserving any of that highly coveted drawer space. You won’t have to go digging around for your most important hair styling tool ever again, as this trick emulates the convenience of a hotel.

Narrow, Free-Standing Metal Shelves

Make space for supplies in small corners or wide-open spaces with narrow, free-standing metal shelves. Keep small bottled items in petite boxes so they are easy to grab, and place folded towels and bath supplies on their own individual shelf at the bottom. This way, everything will be easy to access, but will also maintain a clean, industrial look.

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